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Programs and Services

Our Services and Programs

HeartMath Programs

Heartmath@ Resilience MENTORING

Programs are designed to improve your life transforming your reaction, aptitudes and level of awareness, enjoy a better life, catch a best results and stay healthy . Would you want to increase your ability to focus, process information, solve problems and make decisions?. Decide to change your LIFE DRAMA into a person who can control emotions and use effective communications tools and understand your family patterns.


HeartMath Skills for Personal Effectiveness
Building Personal Resilience™

The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience TM program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools and technology to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn lifelong skills you can use any time to increase wellbeing, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience, reinforced by our engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology.



The Resilience Advantage™                 
Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Learn resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function and innovative action. This high impact program delivers a practical skill-set of easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices, reinforced by our proprietary, engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology. You can experience the immediate benefits of bringing more ease and balance into your life at home, at work, in a meeting, while driving, anywhere or anytime you feel the need to de-stress.


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The solution for Better Sleep

Reset your natural sleep cycle. Used just a few minutes a day these simple, practical tools and technology can result in feeling calmer and more balanced during the day—and encourage a deeper, more peaceful night’s sleep. Using a 5 steps programs to help you better sleep.


Building Capacity for Transformation with Emotional Intelligence

Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase your own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ using Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and model.

Emotional intelligence is critical to leadership, learning, and organizational performance. Learn from the leaders in the field how to raise your and other's emotional intelligence. Gain an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence as you develop new tools you can put to work immediately.

Ideal for people seeking to incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into training, leadership, consulting, or teaching, this is the only course of its kind.


Therapeutic Family Christian Counselor Services

Family counseling may help to promote better relationships and understanding within a family. It may be incident specific, as for example family counseling during a divorce, or a child experiencing trauma. The therapist often helps the family reflect on better ways of communicating with each other and because of that family counseling may in part be instruction and encouragement. In fact, family counseling often teaches family members new and more positive ways to communicate to replace old, negative communication patterns. 


Life Coaching Tool | Business Coaching Game | Executive Coaching Cards

The Coaching Game has been defined as "a workshop in a box", we have adopted this description because it contains the essence of the game; a creative tool that can easily integrate and adapt to any workshop theme, coaching, therapy or counseling session.


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WORKSHOP and conferences

Tailor workshop for all your needs, Our programs can be designed and customizable for your organization.