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 THE COACHING GAME SESSION (Executive workshop 4 hours )
 “Take a time out and expand you point of view.Get inspired , focus on insights and take action”.

The Coaching Game has been defined as "a workshop in a box", we have adopted this description because it contains the essence of the game; a creative tool that can easily integrate and adapt to any workshop theme, coaching, therapy or counseling session.

Watch the video to explore what is this exciting new model to work :


The Coaching Game | Relationship Coaching | One-on-One

Coaching session (3 hours sessions 60 minutes Duration each day).
Discover others ways to see your problems, your life, your situation even your future giving you a new way to explore you insight using this cards and connecting with the intuition to ask for your answers, discover a new way to have fun in the coaching therapy to create a new way to explore solutions and to live with purpose with a new VISION for your life.

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