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Angelique rosemena

My name is Angelica.  I had been going to psychological therapy sessions for years with my daughter.  We were at a point where she did not want to participate in therapy anymore and had  little if any progress .   We had been going to counseling for different reasons, but among some of the difficulties that we were experiencing were difficulty regulating the emotions, reacting versus responding and taking the time to think before "exploding" if you will.    Kiria came into our lives when we needed help!  

Not only was Kiria a compassionate person, but she was willing accommodate to our busy schedule by having  skype sessions, but she also came to our house.  Even though my daught was a little resistant in the beginning, she was receptive to a new approach and she enjoyed using technology to participate in  play-like sessions where she utilized biofeedback; was able to see her performance right away.  Her insight has increased since and the household has benefitted as we all continue to make necessary changes and adjustments.  I recommend Kiria! 


Jennifer guerrero santoro 

I went to the last workshop Kiria lead and it was very helpful and practical. it allowed me to see "trust" with a different perspective and as something that can grow in my relationship with friends and family...


-MaryBeth Allen

Kiria is very knowledgeable and taught me how to build resilience and coherence. These past few weeks have been life changing as she taught me several techniques to cope with stress and reduce it. I realize that there is much more to it than positive thinking and am grateful to have this new knowledge. Anyone can benefit from learning HeartMath skills.



Dr. Brandon wentzel

Working with Kiria over the last 4 weeks changed my life. Initially my goal was to achieve better sleep however, what I achieved was so much more. Without being able to have balance between my emotions, physical, mental and spiritual, I would never have a healthy sleep. Kiria helped me learn to better handle stressful situations, how to better communicate with the employees and relationships, how to establish a routine prior to bedtime that enable me to have an optimum sleep and how to wake up and prepare for the day with minimum stress. I recommend Kiria Cora for this program to anyone suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety, depression or anyone who just wants to better enjoy life.




Lydia Amaro

Kiria Engages people to develop personal skills that will promote teamwork .educators communicating openly with others inspire to reach our personal best.



Sebastian Becerra

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Working with Kiria Cora has helped me identify and manage stress that was ultimately affecting me and those around me. I have been able to sleep better and as a result of that my productivity has increased. I recommend her services to anyone who is looking to grow as a person and wants to be able to understand and have better control of their emotions. I am very grateful to have worked with her for the past couple of months both personally and professionally.

Financial Advisor/ Northwestern Mutual


Having taken this test helped me realize areas in which I need to work both intellectually and spiritually. Kiria was very patient and professional in explaining to me step by step the results, the different phases and the purpose of them. I had not realized how much one can get involved in the business that surprisingly loses sight of the human side of people. It helped me now to listen more to the reasons of the people around me in order to understand their reasons and why they have and then I connect better with them.
Thanks Kiria. God bless you