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Heartmath@ Resilience Coaching



Programs are designed to improve your life transforming your reaction, aptitudes and level of awareness, enjoy a better life, catch a best results and stay healthy. Would you want to increase your ability to focus, process information, solve problems and make decisions?.  

Coaching Session (4 total session) :

  1. First coaching session (90 minutes) I will work with you helping you identify your sources of stress and energy drains.

  2. Second session(60 minutes). I will teach you and guide you through practice of the tools and techniques to attain a more coherent state, a point where you can make better choices for your and your loved ones.

  3. Third and Four coaching session (60 minutes each session). So, you will learn how to break old habits, build resilience from within so you can deal with those accumulated emotions that overwhelm your ability of leading a free and healthy life.   

Using our  HeartMath® Mentoring, you will be challenged to attain a higher degree of intelligent emotional self-regulation and to gain competence in using HeartMath® tools, techniques and technology to achieve your goals. Whether you experience anger, frustration and anxiety or suffer from chronic pain or stress related conditions, we can design a plan that suits your unique needs or you can choose from one of our current tracks:

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