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Focus-in Renewal


I AM EXPRESSING LIFE AND RENEWAL NOW. Choosing thoughts, actions and emotions.

Life unfolds as children go through steps of growth to reach our growth continues to renewal process.

We continue to increase our knowledge in everyday matters and in new concepts. Learning tools to improve your lofe will benefits in all levels. We are continually being revitalized through an ongoing process of renewal—a healing activity as new cells replaced by others we can teach you tools to renew your inner balance and increase your coherence. 

We may know only a small portion of the details of the divine plan of life and renewal, however, in prayer and meditation, we make a vital connection to it. Uflighting our awareness, we relax in a time of filling our consciousness with affirmations of healing.

I choose to be happy. 

I decide to forgive others.

I Act with compassion and love every day.

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Kiria Cora