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Think, Feel and Act

Conflicts are often based on misperceptions of the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Is there a better way to see each other’s perspective more clearly?

Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions: In What Order?

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions rarely occur in a neat, linear order. There’s a dynamic interplay between them, and they can all be a catalyst for the other two. People often confuse thoughts and feelings. An easy test is that if you catch yourself saying “like” or “as if”, like when we say “I feel like you weren’t listening,” that is actually a thought, not a feeling. It’s an evaluative observation. The feeling behind it may be something like, “I feel ignored.” T, F, A cards help you see the difference between these 3 and the relationships between them.

Sometimes we can change the way to see our life and manage our conflicts, not only is one way to feel, think and Act. Try using tools with practical ways to use answers to help you choose new ways to think to incorporate into your daily routine.

Practice emotional intelligence in different ways. Explore new ways of mentoring using this cards.

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