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Navigate your emotions

Navigate Emotions Definition: Assessing, harnessing, and transforming emotions as a strategic resource.

Importance: By learning to transform emotions as a strategic resource, we can become more aware, balanced and purposeful. Instead of thinking of emotions as something bad that we have to suppress, we can begin to treat all of our emotions, even challenging ones like anger, as invaluable data helping us to be our best selves. We can turn something often seen as an adversary and make it into an ally.

The Components of Navigate Emotions

Assess: The first step of navigating emotions is to assess what you are feeling. Identifying or naming emotions, to yourself or aloud, can add some needed clarity to this step.

Harness: Recognize that there are not good or bad emotions: emotions are data. Taking the step back from “I am frustrated…” to “I am feeling frustrated…” helps provide space and lessens the power of the emotion. Recognize that the emotion is temporary and providing you valuable information about yourself and the world.

Transform: The emotion, however difficult, is now your ally. It has sent you data about the world, which you have accepted and can now use to be more aware and purposeful. 

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Human’s moral compass doesn’t work yet
in worlds where the instinct navigates life.”
― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut
Kiria Cora