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 Our learning design method is a cycle. There are three phases which we present in a circle to emphasize the fact that learning (and change) require numerous iterations. ” the emotional transitions required to accelerate change. These same transitions are essential for learning because if we don’t get an emotional connection, we don’t get hot cognition. The three phases are:

  • Engage: Create cognitive and emotional hooks to create interest, activate pre-existing knowledge, and develop a context for new learning. At the end of this phase, participants should see the value of the subject matter and be ready for more.

  • Activate: Build capability and enroll the brain through real-time experiences that blend emotional and cognitive content; bring powerful mental models to life so participants can begin to learn and test out new concepts. At the end of this phase, participants will have new knowledge plus a “gut level” experience of the concept.

  • Reflect: Integrate new learning by synthesizing and concluding, so this knowledge, attitudes, and skills can be more readily applied. At the end of this phase, participants should know what they’ve learned and a commitment to put that into action.

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