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COHERENCE is the quality of the person who acts accordingly with his ideas or with what he expresses. The concept is used to name something that is logical and consistent with an antecedent.

The coherent, therefore, maintains the same line with a previous position. If a man claims that he would never leave his country and, after a few weeks, travels to settle abroad, he will have behaved incoherently (not coherently). On the other hand, if a soccer player assures that he would not play in a club different from the one that saw him debut and then rejects a millionaire offer from another team, it can be said that he is a coherent person.

The coherence is also associated with what is understandable from the logic.

The HeartMath techniques explore many of the key concepts adopted by the term coherence and science that underlies the 10 key aspects of the Physiological Coherence Model. While the main focus is related to the physiology of how coherence of the heart relates to a better capacity for physiological, mental and emotional self-regulation, it also includes an introduction to social coherence. Not acting with TOTAL COHERENCE can lead us to make wrong decisions in our Life in addition to not achieving our goals as we would feel lost.

Coherence is the center of our four Dimensions of LIFE:

PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, AND EMOTIONAL, the balance of these four dimensions is COHERENCE and we can obtain many positive results in life when you know how to use in an effective way..

I invite you to explore more about the level of your COHERENCE and how to develop the concept with practical exercises and methods to help you to  identify our levels of COHERENCE to be more successful in our life.

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In the evolution of mankind there has always been a certain degree of social coherence.
Herbert Read
Kiria Cora