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The quality of being grateful; willingness to show appreciation and return goodness.

Living gratefully is a skill that can be learned, preserved and chosen in life. It is that positive aptitude that helps us to see things and situations from another perspective of life.

Being grateful for the good and the bad sometimes brings a reward that is being able to get out of the situation more easily and to wait for what we know we can thank because everything has a purpose to happen in our life and will lead us to better challenges and conditions.

Keep a gratitude journal. Set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to write down a few things you are grateful for. It can be as simple as appreciating the person who held the door open for you. The practice helps you see life more through the perspective of gratitude.

I live with my mini ACKNOWLEDGMENT journal I try to write at least three things that I can thank, I try to keep it with me where I want to go because it helps me maintain my aptitude, kindness and power to thank everything in my life.

Start from a period of 7-14 and get up to 21 days and then your body and your way of thanking will take you to practice it every day. I recommend it because I practice it in my daily life.

Sup Magazine talks with John Denney about the importance of refocusing emotions.
"Denney explains." Cardiac rhythms can be soft and wavy during a positive emotional state, or irregular and irregular, depending on the thoughts and emotions that affect the heart and nervous system. The system teaches skills that can help someone learn to control their nervous system activity and move from one state to another. "

This is why I teach HeartMath programs who help you to maintain a regular heartbeat HRV that is important to feel gratitude and practice meditation to maintain a positive emotional self regulation method one more reason to maintain our mental, physical and soul health free of negative emotions that will leave us only spots in our life.

To all my readers from today I wish you not to waiter a THANKSGIVING DAY but practice every day this aptitude to see life with EXTENSIVE and GIANT lenses and every day
not only can list 3 but thousands of reasons why be grateful in your life every day.

I Invite you to visit my website are the best options to learn a healthy lifestyle by controlling the waves of your heart in a way that always and positively benefits not only you but your entire environment.

A grateful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the father of all other virtues.”
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
Feeling gratitude you can change your HRV to a Coherence reading and a HEALTHY LIFE-STYLE.

Feeling gratitude you can change your HRV to a Coherence reading and a HEALTHY LIFE-STYLE.

Kiria Cora