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Family Identity in our society

For some people or groups the identity of the Family is a term already little used because for many secular therapists this original design is about to disappear or is not necessary in this world or there is very few things we can be done to preserve them, take care or develop in this time of our society. Therapists in Christian Counseling will seek to take our practices towards the "FAMILY IDENTITY IN GOD". Family Order: Speaking in human terms, we link the identity of a husband, wife and children to their family name. This nevertheless identifies them superficially. Family identity has a deeper root. "FAMILY" is a word that is rooted in God: Father God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is, in himself, a "DIVINE FAMILY". This is in turn expressed in the way God relates to people. The Bible is a rich and varied use of images of the family. God is our Father, God is the husband for his people, God is like a mother who raises his children, Christ is the husband of the church. When a man and a woman join in a marriage, God gives them this name that essentially belongs to them; the name of FAMILY. The husband, wife and children live up to the true meaning of this word, when they reflect the nature and life of the divine family in the human family.


 Our loving God tells us how some problems can be addressed by looking at them from their point of view and has not crossed the eyes of the world. Using this understanding of God's word and evidence-based counseling techniques, Christian counselors can help people through all the challenges of life by preserving the original design and helping them see life from a new perspective. 


Our Christian Family Counseling service is certified at the state level and is staffed by professional counseling staff in the area. We have the capacity to help families, individuals, couples and groups in a comfortable, supportive and Christ-centered environment. 


We offer in-person sessions for people who live near one of our office or for video sessions (Skype, Hangout or Facetime) can be an option for those who find it difficult to travel or live too far from our location to go in person.


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Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put
in that action. Mother Teresa
Kiria Cora