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Sometimes we feel with a storm of emotions around usin some occasions when we walk unconscious in the knowledge of ourselves we do not understand why we are so? 


Many of us at some point in our life need that peace begins with us is where we need to recognize that URGES A CHANGE in us because instead of waiting for the conditions of the external world to change I allow the change to flow in my consciousness to become a better person to contribute good things to the world that surrounds me, using my family environment, my work environment and my relationships around in general to explore in first point. 


Sometimes we need to know why we act like this and why we feel in certain ways?

 The Emotional Intelligence model has the purpose of reaching those personal points where we explore, learn more about our emotions, recognize our patterns and identify a change plan of 90 days. If you are a person full of personal ambitions, enthusiastic to achieve your goals but at the same time very full of frustrations and personal conflicts around you this can be indications that we need a CHANGE.


 I invite you to explore yourselves to start a new stage of growth where you can embrace the conscience of our way of life and make a VOLUNTEER CHANGE. Asking for help is not a weakness it is a strength because recognizing that we want to be better is an attitude of courage, humility and recognition where we can all contribute with our sole purpose of life which is to pursue noble goals for the world.


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Kiria Cora