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Management Skills using Mentoring

Are some areas in your personal life or leadership Do you want to improve?

Some of this Areas are :

1- Listening

2- Resourcefulness

3- Perpective

4- Emotional state

5- Decisiveness and confidence

6- Vision & Encourage

7- Communication

8- Honesty/Integrity.

These areas are important as a person, professional and leader in this society.

A mentor can play a variety of roles in a person’s life At insight me we focus in programs and tools for life. I believe all people should have access to grow socially, stress management, emotionally and professionally.

The best learning comes from doing, not through lectures. Mentors should help you seek challenging tasks to develop new skills. In our practice I use some practical tools to help you discover your best version.

Check our programs to develop Emotional Intelligence or having tools for Stress Management.

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A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. OPRAH WINFREY