Insight Me Consulting Inc




The course contains:

• Introduction to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and its importance using the Model of six seconds.

• Image tools of the style and talents of your brain for the effective use of emotional intelligence using cognitive and emotional information. (Brain Brief Profile, Brain Talent Profile, Brain Discovery Profile and Dashboard Panel.)

• Tools on how to increase self-awareness.

• How to apply consequential thinking using model tools: Think, Feel and Act.

• Learn to Navigate emotions. Decisions and emotional self-management.

• How to involve intrinsic motivation and know optimism in the exercise.


There are several ways to take this program:



  • Half day
  • One day
  • Two days

Individual Program:

Program of 8 or 12 individual sessions of 1hr.
Approximate duration 3 months

Custom design    -   Group Program:

3-month program.
Start with 1 day of Workshop
6 group sessions of 2hrs (every 15 days)
½ day of Workshop
3 group sessions of 2hrs (each month)
1 day of closing workshop