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What does it mean to “GROWTH”? What are the key ingredients for personal & professional GROWTH? What makes it work best, and how do emotions help (and hold us back)?

GROWTH in order to effectively practice emotional intelligence, we need to grow our capabilities our strengths and improve our weakness… we’ll need to grow individually and collectively.

But what does it mean to “GROW”? Is it enough to “know” or is GROWTH something different? What fuels GROWTH, what inhibits it, and what roles do emotions play?  

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand out emotions and use in an effective ways in order to connect with others.

In my workshops participants will learn:

●      The meaning of GROWTH for success (let’s define success …)  

●      How EQ supports personal and professional GROWTH

●      What does it mean to GROW as a society and world, and how could we do so?

Come and learn together 3 techniques to improve our personal and professional life.

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Kiria Cora