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Female Infertility and Resilience


I would like to share my experience during an invitation from Dr. Roberto Infante to participe as a testimonials from their  program invitation Dr. Roberto Infante from Consulta Vital USA , which he described in an interview for  as "a service and consulting company helping Female infertility and the processes of assisted reproduction.

Female infertility and the processes of assisted reproduction are a trance that tests people who have to go through it. It tests couples and people who are declared infertile: coping with the stressful situation can end the couple and affect the psychological health of a woman who can not have children. Thus, the strategies we use to deal with female infertility and the difficult process of assisted reproductive treatment will define our level facing the challenges, which is nothing more than adaptation to reality.


The RESULTS with the female infertility will be determined by the personality factor, this approach results of female infertility will in turn be determined by the factor of personality. We do not all react the same to the same situations or have the same degree of adaptation. The resistant personality is one that does not suffer from stress or that can control it so that its effects on the person are much smaller. We can cite three components in this resistant personality, which are commitment, control and challenge. In a female infertility treatment, the commitment would tend to accept the situation of female infertility and, therefore, to comply with the assisted reproduction treatment in a serene and firm way. Thus, having an end, the ups and downs of the process can appear as fences on the path to the goal one has the moral duty to jump. Control, on the other hand, would consist in the personal conviction that one has influence over the course of events and that a treatment of female infertility is something to which we can contribute to its success. This will avoid reliance on factors such as luck or providence and will help that person feel that, somehow, he is in charge of the process. Finally, the challenge is the form of a woman with a resistant personality to contemplate her female infertility and the Assisted reproduction treatment: rather than seeing it as a tragedy, objectively assesses the points it has for and against and sees the process as an opportunity.
If we are not born with a resilient personality - also called resilience - psychology can help us understand what strategies we can take to get close to such a satisfying way of coping with stressful situations.

Psychology can help us learn the techniques of the resistant personality. As we said, perhaps we have not had the luck to be born with this type of personality invulnerable to the stress but, fortunately, the resilience is also learned. The Advantage Heartmath® Resilience Programs can help us learn the techniques that will make stress much less impact on us and affect our healthy levels.

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