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Give your life change building your resilience and creating a balance called COHERENCE achieving a healthy lifestyle using evidenced-based emotional management techniques and tools with our programs and packages.   

Individuals, families, students and all kinds of organizational teams have effectively learn how to strengthen their resilience, create coherence, identify family patterns and transform communication effectiveness techniques to connect into this world,  deal with stress and improve their physical and mental health to minimize illness and to maintain your balance to find a LIFE PURPOSE focusing in your VISION.

Take a tour of our site and find out how is possible to achieve level of performance through  Insight Me Consulting training programs using biofeedback technology and Phototherapy games. Using games and different methods than usual to incorporate you to perform successful in your life .


Kiria Cora

- Certified Trainer and Mentor -

Kiria Cora is a passionate and vibrant educational trainer who is constantly updating her knowledge tool-kit and embracing new proven techniques to serve her community. She has fully embraced the Six Seconds model and Heartmath Institute advocating for emotional intelligence programs and strategies.

She is passionate about helping and serving the community seeking freedom based on knowledge by learning easy, practical and dynamic tools to apply...