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What is your Brain Style ?

Emotional intelligence is the art of managing emotions in a smarter way and 
knowing our brain style will help us to understand how we are processing our information.

how our brain receives and processes information or how we approach it, make decisions and what results we get 
from managing our emotions according to Brain style is a powerfull tool to start working.

When we know what our brain style is, we can work on creating a broad profile of 
leadership which would lead us to be more effective with colleagues, supervisory 
clients and with our family nucleus. It leads us to make a life plan to improve, 
grow and learn with simple exercises to apply them to our life.

In the Six-Seconds model, they have created the Brain Brief Profile in which data
 that codes to identify performance for both leaders and for the integral personal
 development of all levels, adults, youth and business leaders are analyzed.

In our daily life we need to combine feelings and needs to achieve high results to 
create a total essence where leaders mix empathy and performance using "SKILLS" and 
using "TALENTS" that lead them to increase their characteristics and improve in life 
perspective  with a great goals.

Brain style is an integral learned preference of thought and feeling. 
This brain style is revealed by the Brain Brief Profile, which identifies 8 frequent 
brain styles. The style of the brain answers three very important and important 

FOCUS, Do you prefer analytical or rational data?

DECISION Do you tend to resist change or innovate?

MOTIVATION: Are you practice or are you Idealist?

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Kiria Cora